Wall graphics suit any setting. Retail premises, offices, restaurants, reception areas, educational settings, entertainment venues and private homes can all benefit from filling any blank wall space with new, captivating wall graphics.

wall graphics

Here we will look at the key uses and benefits of implementing new wall graphics, in addition to the new visual ambience you will have created.

Brand awareness

If you have a lot of visitors to your premises an impressive wall graphic can boost your brand’s image. A wall graphic is a great way for an organisation to make a strong first impression with its stakeholders – whether that’s welcoming new customers to an office or visitors to a school or university.


Hospitality venues such as theatres, bars and restaurants use wall graphics to promote new shows, offers and events. Venues often renew this kind of wall graphic regularly as new shows come to town and promotions change.

Wall graphics for these organisations can also be more longstanding. For example, a bar may have a wall graphic in place that portrays the type of experience customers can expect, especially if it’s a themed venue, and the entertainment regularly on offer.


Wall graphics are particularly compelling when it comes to educating a target audience and they’re effective in a wide range of settings. This could be portraying simple maths to pupils in a primary school through to a business using wall graphics to educate customers on its processes, values and culture.

There’s also educational benefits internally. The message you portray to your customers will also impact your staff. It’s important that employees understand the company ethos just as much as customers so they know what you expect from them.


Following on from the educational benefits for staff, some organisations go a step further and use wall graphics to motivate. Again the wall graphics could portray the company’s culture, the company’s history and what it represents, or just generic motivational content such as famous quotes.

An experience in itself

However you choose to use wall graphics and regardless of your type of setting, one thing a well-planned and designed wall graphic always achieves is successfully promoting a culture or a type of experience.

Whether a wall graphic is promotional, informative, educational or motivational a good one should be an experience in itself for the person viewing it.

Your wall graphics should make your audience feel how you want them to feel about your organisation and what you’re providing, whether that’s hospitality or education.

Wall graphics are big, bold and compelling and can completely transform any space you have that’s currently a bit devoid of personality.

Show what you stand for and build an emotional link with your customers, visitors and staff by implementing a new wall graphic and give your space that wow factor.

How we can help

At Links Signs & Graphics we can work with you to create bespoke wall graphics that are perfect for your space. This could be just a single wall graphic or multiple graphics throughout your premises.

We can print your wall graphics on our HP latex printer which uses no solvent inks. It’s odourless and better for the environment.

We coat all our wall graphics with a protective laminate so they’re hardwearing and you can simply wipe them down should they need a clean.

With materials to suit most wall types we’re here and ready to help from design to installation.

Talk to the Links team today and see how we can help transform your space with new wall graphics. Call us on 01253 396 444 or email sales@linkssignsandgraphics.co.uk.