We have recently been working with Jimbrew Brewing Company

They wanted their logo painted on the exterior of there building but the landlord would not allow it. Jim and Jennifer did not feel a ‘normal’ sign panel would fit their brand and really wanted the painted look so asked us if we had any options, we spoke to our vinyl supplier who told us about a new high grab external use brick vinyl and this would do just the trick. So we ordered a roll had a play with it on the bricks here at work and then once our fitters were comfortable with handling and installing the new product we go to work.
The finished product looks superb and stand 5m tall, customers of Jimbrew cannot believe it isn’t a paintjob when they see it in person and for a such a simple solution it looks fantasticly effective.
Second job was internally, the brewing area is fully visible to all customers but needed to be cordoned off for health and safety reasons, Jim had a really nice black metal frame work fabricated and installed which we then had 5mm thick polycarb panels cut to suit and installed in place, the panels have a mix of profile cut vinyl lettering and full colour printed images which will constantly be updated depending on the beer currently being brewed.
More items are being discussed, exiting times for Jimbrew!

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