Fascia signs are the signs you put on the front of your premises. They’re the very forefront of your signage and have an important job to do. They provide potential new customers with the first glimpse of what you do and what you’re about.

A well planned and well designed fascia sign can make a huge difference. They can be the difference between a customer simply walking on by and you going unnoticed, or someone realising immediately that you’re what they’ve been looking for.

You probably don’t need us to tell you that. You’ve been a consumer yourself and will have consciously and subconsciously made a decision about hundreds of organisations over the years based solely on the main sign on their building.

So, let’s look at how to plan yours to have the positive impact that you want.

Planning your new fascia/shop sign

That’s the key word in all of this – planning.

No matter how great the inside of your premises looks, you need your fascia signs to attract people inside in the first place. Make sure there’s room in your budget for high-quality fascia signage.

‘Just a sign’ won’t do. You know how important it is to get this right so planning needs to start ahead of time. Don’t wait until you’re ready to move in or your re-brand is complete before considering your new signage. Start early.

A sign needs to reflect your brand entirely and do it justice and there’s various elements for you to consider.

How do you want to stand out? Have you considered illuminated or standoff lettering? Would tray signs or flex face boxes be right for you? Do your brand guidelines specify font, exact colour palette and what the business stands for?

All this should impact your design planning if you want high-quality, high impact signage.

fascia signfascia sign

Avoiding potential delays

Good planning will prevent the majority of potential problems as you will have time on your side. As a sign maker we know that time is often critical so we always make sure we turnaround each project quickly but some projects are more complex than others. There could be something outside of our control that could cause a setback, such as the condition of the building.

When fixing new signage in place of existing signage, the removal of old signage can uncover issues with rotten timbers and boarding. Our expert fitters have the skills to rebuild fascia’s when required and can spot any signs of wear and tear but we will still need time on our side to rectify any such issues before we install your new fascia signs.

How we can help with your new fascia signs

At Links Signs and Graphics we pride ourselves on strong communication and efficient craftsmanship so you can always rely on us to produce top-quality signage, on time and to specification. As experienced sign makers in Blackpool we’ve created all kinds of fascia signs for all manner of businesses so we can help you get creative. We can help all the way through from conception and design to installation.

Call the Links team today and see how we can help transform your building with new fascia signs. Speak to us on 01253 396 444 or email sales@linkssignsandgraphics.co.uk.